Youth Athletes Foundation believes it our job to "reach in and reach out", teaching young players 

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"My son played select baseball for 12 years.  We were fortunate and could afford to play.  

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Youth Athletes, Inc. is a public, 501(c)(3), nonprofit tax-deductible organization dedicated to identifying and providing young athletes with leadership, mentorship and the financial support to participate in organized sports, regardless of their limited finances.    

Teamwork and sports help children be more confident and energetic in their physical abilities, communication skills and overall outlook in life. For many, a scholarship to play sports results in a new passion for self discipline, healthy habits, sportsmanship and a place to belong. That is why we grant sports scholarships to our country's future leaders.

For the past decade, we have granted partial and full scholarships to an average of 75 players a year. With the help of our amazing partners and supporters, our goal is to be able to scholarship 1,000 players a year. 

There are those in life that participate, those that produce, and those that Change The Game. At Youth Athletes, our mission is to bring out the Greatness in each player as the world needs Gamechangers! We don't simply need a better world for our children, we need better children for our world. The platform of sports is an incredible learning ground for such mentoring. 

With a passion for kids and the development of young players, Youth Athletes Foundation values the importance of organized sports. Players of all talent levels learn life long skills through teamwork, discipline, goal setting and time management. Belonging to a team allows players to follow great leadership and work on effective communication for a common goal. We believe proper sportsmanship and attitude when the team is winning OR losing is a valuable skill carried out in many areas of life. 

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